Color Decoder 1.1

Color Decoder reveals color-coded information in charts, maps, radar, and other images which may have been hidden to you, particularly if you lack normal color vision (commonly referred to as being colorblind).

Color Decoder works in realtime identifying colors and areas of color on your computer's entire screen with no window to open or frame to position. Extraordinarily simple in operation,  you use your computer normally, mouse clicks work as expected, and applications still update the screen as usual. Color Decoder watches the color under the mouse pointer, displays the color's name near the cursor, optionally speaks its name using speech synthesis, and blinks areas where the same color appears on the screen. 

Color Decoder works system-wide and is effective for nearly all Mac OS X Leopard applications from web browsers to spreadsheets.

Download Color Decoder today and give it a try.  If you like it, purchase it for $16.

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