Color Tag. The Color Tag appears near the mouse cursor and can include the name of the color under the cursor, a magnified image of the pixels around the cursor, and the numeric values of the color's components. The Color Tag automatically moves out of the way of the cursor's direction of travel. For fine positioning, the relative location of the panel does not change with small movements. The tag automatically hides when you start typing.

Blink Colors. Color Decoder can blink every pixel on the screen with the exactly the same color as the pixel under the mouse cursor or blink all pixels with similar colors. This feature helps you understand weather radar, maps, and documents with color-coded graphs or charts.

Speech. Color Decoder can speak the name of color or the numeric values of its components or both. If desired, it can also speak its current on/off status and instructions for turning it on or off. 

For Designers. Color Decoder lets you request SVG 1.0/CSS3 color names and you can have Color Decoder display or speak a color's RGB or L*a*b* values. You can choose hex or decimal for RGB and display your monitor's RGB values or have them converted to the standard sRGB color space. You can copy the current color value to the clipboard. When you've chosen to display the RGB value in hex, the clipboard will contain a color specification ready for pasting. 

Other Features

Color Decoder requires no special privileges, has no hidden processes, and does not inject code into any other application.

Color Decoder is a Universal binary that runs natively on Intel or PowerPC Macs.    macosx_universal_50px_textmedium

Color Decoder supports multiple monitors attached to your Mac and automatically detects changes to your display configuration.  The blink effect, color names, and magnifier are only shown on the monitor to which you move the mouse pointer.

Color Decoder is compatible with screen sharing applications such as Motorola's TimbuktuĀ® Pro as well as Apple's screen sharing products. Blinking large areas of color can cause slowdowns over remote connections so you might want to set Blink to None in Color Decoder's Preferences' Display tab.

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