New in Color Decoder 1.1

Color Decoder 1.1 is a free update to all Color Decoder 1.0 customers.

Color Tag. Color Decoder 1.1 displays the magnifier, color name, and pixel values in a single floating panel that adapts to your preference settings. Instead of a fixed position relative to the mouse cursor, the panel automatically moves out of the way of the cursor's direction of travel.

Color Matching. When it looks up color names, Color Decoder 1.1 compensates for your display's color profile and searches in the L*a*b* color space, providing more consistent name matches. Color Decoder can also detect exact pixel matches when determining areas of color to blink, with approximate matching still available as a preference. 

Preferences. The floating settings window has become a normal application preferences window and provides many more ways to customize Color Decoder's behavior. 

For Designers. Color Decoder lets you request SVG 1.0/CSS3 color names and you can have Color Decoder display or speak a color's RGB or L*a*b* values. You can choose hex or decimal for RGB and display your monitor's RGB values or have them converted to the standard sRGB color space. You can copy the current color value to the clipboard. When you've chosen to display the RGB value in hex, the clipboard will contain a color specification ready for pasting. 

More Control. You can turn Color Decoder on and off from its Dock menu, have it shut off automatically after 10, 30 or 60 seconds and configure whether Color Decoder is initially on or off when it starts up. You can require a modifier key in addition to the F-key to turn Color Decoder on or off and change the modifier key for copy-to-clipboard to something other than the command key. 

Speech Options. You can change Color Decoder's voice and shorten or squelch spoken status messages while still having audible color names. To eliminate surprises, all speech options default to off when Color Decoder is first installed. Color Decoder no longer interrupts itself, doesn't stutter when moving across several different colors, and speech works even on slow Macs.

Energy Savings. Color Decoder still pauses after you haven't moved the mouse for 15 seconds, but now it consumes no processor time just as if you had shut it off. It still resumes immediately when you move the mouse. Color Decoder immediately pauses when you type to both save energy and eliminate distraction. When Color Decoder is used on a system with more than one monitor, it only processes the contents of the monitor with the cursor.

License. The license is simpler and allows more flexibility for copies and modifications.

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